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so glad to hear from you again!
congradulations on the almost-new-addition to the family.
sounds like everything is going great that way, and i'm glad to hear it.
love in Christ.


Welcome back and congrats on the baby-to-be.

Da Goddess

Woo hoo!

Congrats on the baby and the impending grandparenthood!

I know both shops are going to do really well, too.

Dean Esmay

Grandparents? How's it feel?


It was MY turn to slack off. I come back, and look at all that's happening in your life! Congrats on the impending grandparenthood. There's not a chance that you can keep Miss Penny out of the baby departments. My granddaughter joined us in May and I found myself looking at an ornament for the Christmas tree that said "Baby's First Christmas," with a place for her picture. *G*

The shop sound fascinating. Can we have pictures of it, too??

Merry Christmas, PJ!

Dean Esmay

We come back every now and then to see what you're up to. :-)


Merry Christmas, P.J. and the best of new years!

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