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Da Goddess



Hi PJ:
It still gives me the heebie jeebies to watch someone getting a tattoo. It makes me wonder how on earth I am ever going to live through getting mine! I am always fascinated with the pictures and your stories. Maybe one day you come back to Xanga (hint, hint) and share some more of your life with us. Take care and many blessings sent your way.


hey pj,
super awesome tat! i love the whole thing, even at the outline/shading phase it looks awesome. i have a few decent ideas for a new tattoo, but i satiated my need for pain and blood for now with a nose piercing... i'll have a pic of it on my site if you come check it out... or i can email it to you. but i am jealous, and see the prospects for new ink on the horizon!



erm....will you continue to shave your leg to show off the gecko??

Did you know there is a Gecko shop in the Whaler's Village in Ka'anipoli?? We shopped there for gifts for my 13 year old niece.


Love the gecko! It has been a while since I have visited. Sounds like we have both been busy. Would love to see some of your insect photos. By the way, my madagascar hissing cockroaches are grandparents now :-)


PJ....Happy Anniversary, hon! How many years has Miss Penny been putting up with you now?


Hey, i like the tats that you are doing... but where is your shop or whatever?

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